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We Know How

E-Cat Partners have over a decade of experience with all things internet...

Over the years we have provided just about everything you could want from the internet for small to medium sized business.

From simple "web adverts" on to  "brochure sites" then "content management systems" and "e-commerce online shops" we have provided professional design and coding services.

Not only do we proivde the design, but also have a vast range of website hosting plans available including managing clients' dedicated servers to ensure maximum availablitiy of thier website 24/7

Come to the company you can trust, E-Cat Partners.

Our Mission

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To provide the best possible service at the most cost effective price

Responsive Design

More and more people are using mobile phones and tablets these days to surf the web than the traditional PC.

We are experts in building "responsive" websites that fit virtually any screen size, meaning one site fits all rather than having to have different sites for PC, mobile etc.

Try it, this very site is "responsive".  Change the size of your browser and watch as the site dynamically changes to fit the new size, especially take note of the menu system on smaller screens (for mobile) which totally transforms to vertical.

Hosting Specialists

We not only design great looking websites, but are specialists in hosting them too.

We have a number of different hosting partners and can provide solutions from shared and cloud based hosting through to managed dedicated servers for our clients.

Domain Name Management

Our managed domain name service ensures clients never lose their precious domain name through mis-management.


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