We have created lots of websites for many clients including small business, medium business, corporates and councils.

Below are some recent examples of the work we have been doing, to view the actual live websites please click on the website address links.

Scrummy Mummies


Scrummy Mummies is a pregnancy and baby magazine.  We were approached to create the website for them utilising existng logo, and in-keeping with the "trendy" design of the magazine.

One of the first client sites to utilise the new "responsive design" methodolgy, allowing it to work well on any size of screen.

The site literally changes design to fit the browser width (as does this, our own site).

Give it a try, open Scrummy Mummies or keep this site open, then alter the width of your browser to something much smaller, you will see the site "morph" to the new resolution.

Ongoing more and more "surfers" will be using phones and pads to view websites with rahter than PC's so these new responsive designs are ideal as they work on just about everything!

Photography for Little People


When PLP required a new site they chose E-Cat Partners.  We reviewed the "old site" and assessed numerous changes to not just the design, but the structure of the site to improve SEO search optimisation to maximise the exposure the site had, especially with relation to the franchise pages.

The site has a CMS (content management system) to allow PLP to update most of the content themselves, along with some advanced custom features sush as a post code lookup system which doesn't rely on 3rd party data which can mount up costs over time.

Each franchiser has their own mini page within the site to promote their photography services to their local area.  This page morphs to the specific franchisee, providing links to respective facebook pages and twitter feeds if available, as well as an email contact form which emails the franchisee directly, saving time and cost for the parent company.

Northern Construction Services


NCS provided us one of the best briefs we have ever worked with!

Using MS Word and Powerpoint they designed the site exactly how they wanted it, we just had the job of converting their design to a website structure so it would work over the internet.

The site encompasses the various divisions that make up the company including NCS Build, NCS Civils and NCS Sport & Leisure.

E-Cat Partners provided a custom CMS system to allow NCS to update the news and people pages themselves, saving ongoing costs for the company.

Down the right hand column numerous photographs of successful projects rotate automatically, using advanced JQuery and javascript techniques.  This was an important feature of the site that NCS wanted to encompass.

The Anticipation


The Anticipation provide high quality cup cakes and wedding cakes.

They also provide "Sugarcraft courses" where people can learn the skills required to make thier own cakes at home.

Originally designed as a "static" website - one that doesnt change and can only be updated by the webmaster, not the client.

Recently a bespoke CMS (content management system) was added to the site which allows the client to update all the page content and add images to the gallery themselves, saving ongoing costs for website development.

The CMS cleverly updates the existing "static pages" by re-writing the html so there was no disruption to the sites ranking in search engines when the job went live.

Enduro TEK


Enduro TEK provide a wide range of spare parts and accessories for the offroad motorcycle specialising in Motocross and Enduro.

E-Cat Partners provided the original site design and more recently updated the site with an e-commerce online shop, providing the client with on-site training on how to use the system so they can maintain the "shop" themselves with no further ongoing costs from us.

This allows the client to add thier vast product range to the website including uploading photographs to the website which are then automatically resized and thumbnailed.

Enduro TEK customers can make online purchases via a shopping cart system, which automatically emails the order to Enduro TEK

More info about our online shop systems can be found on the e-commerce section of our services pages.  

Intergas UK


Originally desinging the site many years ago, we were recently approached by Intergas UK to see if we could improve the traffic they receive to the site.

After a consultation and analysis we suggested that a further ten pages of content be created that specifically targetted different product categories from their vast range.

These pages were SEO optimised to target the correct target market, in this case wholesale supply.  We also targetted similar wording such as trade supplier, bulk supply etc.

Using advanced software we analysed the potential traffic resulting from the increased exposure and it was felt that it was a worthwhile excercise, to the point when we contacted them 6 months later about doing further work on the site they replied they were "far too busy with the increase in business to take on any more just now"! 

Thornaby Town Council


Thornaby Town Council had a CMS (content management system) in place previously, however unfortunately is wasnt as functional as they required and had some major flaws.

E-Cat Partners put this right by updating the site recently with a new CMS for updating the general pages and three custom "modules" to allow special layouts and options for the "Councillors and Staff", "Agendas" and "Minutes of Meetings" pages.

The latter two of these allow for PDF documents to be uploaded to the website by the town clerk so they are available for downloading by the general public.

We provided on-site training to the Town Clerk at the time the site went live and provide on-going help and assistance when needed.

The original template was retained when we converted the site to the new CMS although some improvements were made along the way.

Funky Flower Company


The Funky Flower Company sure has a funky website!

We provided a CMS (content management system) to allow the client to update thier pages with bright pink and green writing - not the colour we would have chosen but the old saying goes "the customer is always right"!

That's the benefit of CMS, it allows clients to update their web pages using a "word like" system accessible from an admin page, so this can be done anytime, anywhere using a browser.

The site had an existing online order facility which we utilised within the CMS so the client can view the orders from within the same CMS admin section, saving them the hassle of logging into numerous different systems to manage the site.

We also updated the e-commerce to send email notifications when the old system broke.


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