For clients who wish to sell their products over the internet and take online orders an e-commerce online shop is the answer.

We have developed a complete solution which provides clients the ability to create unlimited products (within reason) on the system and their customers to purchase online via a shopping cart system.

The system has many many features, some of which are listed here ...

Product File

  • Unlimited product creation (within reason)
  • Uploading of images which are automatically sized and thumbnailed
  • Option for On Sale pricing
  • VAT handling, product price can be exclusive or inclusive of VAT
  • Many more advanced features

Shopping Cart

  • Allows your customers to add multiple products to a single cart
  • Automatic totalling of the cart, VAT and delivery charges
  • Numerous methods of calculating delivery charges
  • Discount Codes feature
  • Creation of customer account and optional delivery address
  • Email notifications to you, email confirmation emails to the customer
  • Numerous payment gateways available including online services such as PayPal, SagePay major banks etc.
  • Many more advanced features

Advanced Orders system

  • Invoice creation and sending via email
  • Renewable orders tracked and repeat billing system for things such as annual subscriptions
  • Upcoming notification emails of renewable orders
  • Debtors tracking and Statements sent via email
  • Many more advanced features

For further information please contact us for an initial chat and we can discuss your exact requirements with you.


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